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How can you tell if your company needs “Tech Insurance” … and not just a generic business insurance policy?.
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Why do technology businesses need "tech insurance" (and not just good ol' "business insurance"?)

Good question.

Traditional business insurance and traditional Commercial General Liability (CGL) policies are not sufficient to protect technology businesses against the unique risks they face.

In fact, tech businesses own property, do things and/or face risks that are usually excluded from coverage in regular business insurance policies.

To complicate matters, some insurance companies will simply not insure certain types of IT businesses. Others choose not to insure IT businesses that do more than a certain amount of business in the US or other countries, and - to top it all off - some of the insurance companies that do insure your type of IT business may not offer all the coverages that you specifically need. But, not to worry. Because here comes ....

Tech Insurance to the Rescue

If your company provides either technology services (for example IT security consulting, web design) or technology products (for example custom software, hardware) - or both - then you can only properly protect yourself against lawsuits, cyber risks and other monsters, if you have a good tech insurance policy package in place.

And how do you go about getting the right kind of insurance policy? Well, that's what this web site is for:  to make tech insurance simple!

Yours Is the Only Opinion That Matters!

Hear directly from some of the people Tech Insurance Ontario has helped.

Eda Usakli
Operations Manager / NodeBB Inc.

Our Best Interest in Mind + Top-Notch Service

"Eddie you have NodeBB's best interest in mind and offer top-notch service. You are always available when we need you either via email, phone call , in person (or even WhatsApp). We are so grateful for your thoroughness and time spent with us to make sure we have the coverage plan we need."

Tom Frencel

Responsive, Professional and Very Helpful

Eddie has been a pleasure to work with. He's been super responsive, professional and very helpful in meeting all of our insurance requirements at LGG. Working with Eddie has been a great experience and I highly recommend him for your insurance needs!

Michael Shuster
Virtualization & EUC Architect / Ferroque Systems

Insuring my IT business

Unlike previous brokers I dealt with (...) Eddie walked me through every requirement, and every step of the process.He actually made applying for insurance enjoyable (which is odd, I know) and provided me tremendous peace of mind.

Jon Remerdios
Game Designer/Developer / Jon Remedios Inc.

Could Not Be Happier

Eddie is the only insurance broker I have ever worked with, and I could not be happier to work with him. As a relatively new small business owner, Eddie is incredibly patient with me and always helps me meet the needs of my company.

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Who We Serve

Who We Serve

Whether your business is just you working from home, a small startup or a large multinational, a private, venture-backed company or a public corporation, we can help you safeguard your company’s future and its bottom line. Typically, the clients we...

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Got questions? Need a Quote? Need help?

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