How to Add Excitement to Your Golf Tournament

How to Add Excitement to Your Golf Tournament

Do you use Golf tournaments to promote your tech company or to create networking opportunities with (potential) clients and investors?

Wondering how to add excitement?

Wondering how to take your golf tournament to the next level?

Just add a Hole-in-One competition …. with an amazing (read: memorable/worth-talking-about) prize!

Now, while it may seem unlikely that a hole-in-one would occur, they sometimes do, and – as the tournament sponsor – you need to be prepared to pay for the prize if a player achieves this impressive feat.

No need to worry:

With a Hole-In-One insurance policy (yes, such thing exists), the insurance covers the cost of the prize so you can enjoy the benefits of a competition without the risk.

This can be especially attractive for charity tournaments, helping ensure money raised goes to the charity, rather than to paying for the hole-in-one prize.

Wondering how much it would cost you to offer a … let’s say … $70,000 prize (such as new car)?

Click here to view a detailed price list. 👈

… and if you want to have the most talked-about Golf tournament of the 2018 season, go ahead and contact us for for more information, or have a chat with me (Colin) at 416-255-3728 ext 222

Do You Use Your Vehicle for Business?

Do You Use Your Vehicle for Business?


While these categories accurately describe the driving behaviour for most people, some drivers who use their vehicle for business purposes have faced a dilemma:

Do they report they only use their vehicles to commute to work, or do they acknowledge they use their vehicles for commercial purposes and face higher premiums?

The answer is “yes”, you must disclose the proper usage of your vehicle in order to be properly insured, but make sure you are clear as to the extent that you use your vehicle for business.

If you drive your vehicle to work, but also use it to visit clients for limited business, you may need Incidental Business Use Rating and for a small increase in premium, you won’t have to worry about having any problems at the time of claim.

Imagine the hardship of finding out you are unable to claim after an accident, especially after faithfully paying your insurance premiums because you failed to disclose the actual use of the vehicle.

Don’t be caught in a situation like this!

If in doubt, talk to us about your vehicle usage and see if you need Incidental Business Use!


If you work as a computer repair consultant or some other type of IT contractor (who carries tools and parts), you may need to be rated for Commercial Use instead of commute to work or ‘business’ use.

For many insurance companies, the simple act of adding a business sign to your vehicle means that it should be classified as “commercial use”.

Whether you are self-employed or work for a larger tech company doing this type of work, your insurance company could deny any claim if you failed to disclose the Commercial Use of your vehicle.

It is important that we know how you use your vehicle so we can recommend the best policy and coverage to suit your needs. If in doubt call us – we are “On Your Side”.

Business Interrupted. Now What?

Business Interrupted. Now What?

Let’s say your business suffers a fire loss: you are forced to close for two months to make repairs, and you find it takes another couple of months before your business returns to its normal level. How can you protect your property and your business?

In this situation, your property policy pays to repair the building and replace your contents.

On the other hand, your business losses (loss of income) are covered depending on the type of Business Interruption Insurance you’ve chosen:

  • Gross Profits Insurance or,
  • Gross Earnings Insurance

If you have Gross Profits Insurance, your loss of income is paid while closed for repairs and while you rebuild your business to its original level, up to the limit of coverage.

On the other hand, Gross Earnings Insurance only covers the income lost during the time required to repair the premises.

Now, what if your business interruption is caused by failure of a technology product or a cyber loss (data breach, denial of service attacks or virus transmission)?

In this situation, you’d need to have the appropriate Technology and/or Cyber insurance coverage.  (“Regular” business insurance would not protect you).