Who We Serve

Whether your business is just you working from home, a small startup or a large multinational, a private, venture-backed company or a public corporation, we can help you safeguard your company’s future and its bottom line.

Typically, the clients we serve are Ontario-based Information/Communications/Network Technology companies, such as:

  • I.T. Consultants
  • IT security consultants (ASVs, pen testers, etc.)
  • Managed IT Services Providers (MSPs)
  • Software developers
  • Application Service Providers (ASPs)
  • Game developers / designers
  • Mobile app developers
  • Computer Training
  • Data processors
  • Data Storage/Retrieval Services
  • Website Developers  / designers
  • Web hosting and design facilities
  • Access providers and co-location facilities
  • Systems integrators, value-added re-sellers, and consultants
  • Hardware, equipment & component manufacturer / assemblers
  • Hardware Sales & Support
  • Medical technology companies
  • Internet, networking and other communications services.

and also:

  • IT Staffing and Recruiting firms
  • Telephone operations
  • Personal communications services
  • Cable system operations
  • Telecommunications component and – equipment manufacturers
  • Information service providers
  • Interactive media services
  • Telecommunications infrastructure development projects

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