Why Tech Insurance?

Why do technology businesses need “tech insurance” (and not just good ol’ “business insurance”)?

Good question:

Traditional business insurance and traditional Commercial General Liability (CGL) policies are not sufficient to protect technology businesses against the unique risks they face. In fact, tech businesses own property, do things and/or face risks that are usually excluded from coverage in regular business insurance policies.

To complicate matters, some insurance companies will simply not insure certain types of IT businesses. Others choose not to insure IT businesses that do more than a certain amount of business in the US or other countries, and – to top it all off – some of the insurance companies that do insure your type of IT business may not offer all the coverages that you specifically need.

But, not to worry. Because here comes ….

Tech Insurance to the Rescue

Does your company provide any of the following?

  • technology services (for example IT security consulting, web design) or,
  • technology products ( (for example custom software, hardware)

If you offer one – or both – you can only properly protect yourself against lawsuits, cyber risks and other monsters, if you have a good tech insurance policy package in place.

How do you go about getting the right kind of insurance policy?

Well, that’s what this web site is for:  to make tech insurance simple!

… so you can quickly get the coverage you need, and move on to doing what you do best: improve our world by developing and delivering amazing tech products and services.

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